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French restaurant “Ripail” is located in a quiet area 3 minutes on foot from Bashamichi Station.

It was around mid October and it was around this time when I felt the autumn night.
Today, I ’m going to introduce you to Lyon ’s local cuisine.

"Selver de Canu"

I think it's difficult to imagine what a dish is from its name,

In French, “Selvel” is a brain miso,
“Canu” means silk craftsman.

Because craftsmen of silk fabrics, which was a Lyon industry, liked to eat for breakfast
It seems that this name was given.

As an aside, the city of Yokohama and Lyon, France, became sister cities because of the acquisition of silk in the 19th century.
When it became difficult, both cities were able to save the crisis by Japanese raw silk exported from Yokohama Port.
They built friendships and became sister cities.

Seruvel de Canagne is a smooth cream cheese from France called Fromage Blanc
A fresh cheese dish with fresh cream mixed with herbs and garlic.

Because it is a refreshing dish, sparkling wine, refreshing white wine, rose wine, etc. are often
it matchs.

At L'Apaille, amuse and bouche for lunch and dinner so that customers who come to the store can feel a little closer to Lyon
We offer Seruvel de Canu as.

We look forward to seeing you at the store.

French Restaurant Ripaille
Baysite View Yokohama 1F, 6-66-1 Sumiyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0831
TEL 045-212-5989
Minato Mirai Line Bashamichi Station Museum Exit 3 minute walk
JR Line Sakuragicho Station 5 min walk
JR Line Kannai Station 5-minute walk

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